South Florida State College
Panther Central

Welcome to the new Panther Central login page! Here you will find specific information regarding the credentials (i.e. username and password) you will use to access the new site. You will also be guided to register for password self-service, a feature new to this version of Panther Central. It will allow you the convenience of resetting your forgotten passwords through a secure verification process.

Employee Login Assistance

Username and Password

Employees will have the benefit of single sign-on when accessing Panther Central from computers on the SFSC network. However, if accessing Panther Central from home or when not connected to the SFSC network, credentials will be required.

Employees will use their network login whenever prompted for credentials. From non-SFSC devices, you may have to specify the domain as well. If prompted to enter credentials, enter your short form email address as the username. For example, employee John Doe would use for a username, NOT

Employees will use their network password to access Panther Central.

Register for Password Self-Service and Change Password

One of the enhancements of the new Panther Central is the ability to reset forgotten passwords. Employees must register one of three authentication options to take advantage of this feature.

  • Alternate Phone
  • Alternate Email
  • Security Questions

NOTE: You only have to register once, but can go back anytime and update or add new authentication methods.

  1. Go to
  2. After logging in (with the username and password outlined above), you should be prompted to verify authentication options. If not prompted, simply select the link labeled, “Register for Password Reset.”
  3. After registering for password self-service you can close the Access Panel Profile page.

If you encounter issues registering for password self-service, it may be that the service was not activated for your account. If this occurs, contact the I.T. help desk at 863-784-7462 or to determine if your account has access to this feature.